About Us


We volunteer as tribute to be the YA community of your dreams!


📚 While we are part of the HarperCollins family, we believe in talking about and getting excited for ALL of the YA books!

📚One day reading all of the books on our “to be read” shelf.

📚Sniffing books

📚Embracing The Feels and ugly crying

📚 Celebrating all the things that make us book nerdy 

📚 *book shimmying*

📚Spreading the love for books you may not have heard of but definitely need to read

📚 Reading. It doesn’t matter what you read, we just want everyone to read!


Our home base is located at the HarperCollins Publishers headquarters in New York City! But you can also find us at major book festivals throughout the year. Look for our us at Book Con, Yallfest, Yallwest and Comic Con! 


You know how people always say “Don’t read the comments online!”? Well, the opposite is true for our community. Epic Readers (or Book Nerds as we like to call y’all) are notoriously awesome and badass. We are positive and energetic. We help and support each other and give virtual high fives on the reg.

We are a strong and mighty community of book nerds, authors, librarians, book bloggers, bookstagrammers and book tubers around the world.  

Wondering if you can consider yourself part of this network of book nerds? Well, do you read and love books? If your answer is yes, then WELCOME TO THE PARTY, HERE’S A VIRTUAL HUG, NOW LET US LOVE YOU!