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We’re All In This Together: Arden Rose on Marching for Your Rights


We’re All In This Together: Arden Rose on Marching for Your Rights

We're All in This Together: Arden Rose on Marching For Your Rights

by Arden Rose

Let’s go back to the magical year of 2015. Life used to feel so manageable, didn’t it? a time in which Trump wasn’t president, Russia wasn’t actively turning the US into a war zone of fake news, and YouTube was devoid of the constant cycle of apocalypses and weekly scandals. It was a simple time, 2015. A time bomb we had no idea about was slowly ticking down under the surface of the world we thought we knew.

What we are going through presently is what many would call “Interesting Times” and I have to agree. It helps me to be able to compartmentalize these weird wacky uncomfortable and heartbreaking things going on in our world. From gun control, to a woman’s rights, to abuse in Hollywood, to abuse in the White House, it feels like this is the time of marching. This year won’t be the last year we have to march for the things we believe in. Even if we’re living in a state of constantly feeling like our rights are being encroached upon, we can always protest. March! Have your voice heard! Our country is built off of our collective desire to rant and rave so DO IT! When something enrages you and makes you feel helpless, find ways to help. Don’t just stare off into the middle distance and hope the problems go away.

The thing to remember is that it takes us to resolve these problems. You and me baby. We’re all in this together. So never stop caring. Never stop being upset and sad and disappointed. But never stop believing that you can be the change in the world. Because you can and you will with time. Just stay focused, remember that this too shall pass, and keep on painting those “Gun Reform Now” posters.



About Arden Rose

Arden Rose is an actress, a producer, a comedian, the creator of the wildly popular YouTube channel Arden Rose, and the author of Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get It Together (Sort Of)Arden can be seen on Verizon’s go90 social entertainment platform, starring in New Form Digital’s Mr. Student Body President, produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and in the second season of the hit show Guidance.

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