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Book Nerd Problems: Getting Over a Character's Death


Book Nerd Problems: Getting Over a Character's Death

There is one thing that a book nerd sometimes forgets to account for in their TBR schedule, and that’s making room for proper morning time in case they must read a character death. These can come upon any reader by surprise, and all book nerds should err on the side of caution. We won’t spoil anything here but, yeah, with YA you should always beware.
If you have not experienced this pain on your own, we wanted to give all book nerds the idea of just what awaits them. What emotions should they expect when they must suffer at the hands of their favorite authors? Well, scroll down and take a peek—but be warned: It is not a pretty sight. You don’t need to fake strength in these difficult times. We understand. Other people may not, but you know us! You know we do. And we’re sorry in advance.

Getting Over a Character Death

Find the book series featured in this video:

And no, we will not spoil what led to the events of this video!

What book featured the worst character death you remember? Let us know in the comments!
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