Book Nerd Problems: Finishing a Traumatizing Book


Book Nerd Problems: Finishing a Traumatizing Book

We know we’ve all been there: the book hangover. It’s that period after finishing a book that traumatized you particularly well, and now it feels like you can’t do anything else or even start reading any other books. They can be the truest kind of bittersweet pain, because you really feel like you’re still a part of the world! It can be particularly brutal when you finish a series. There is truly no pain like that inflict by the most heartbreaking books.
Recently, we’ve found ourselves struggling to cope with the end of the epic RED QUEEN series. We just have SO MANY EMOTIONS left over at the end of WAR STORM that we’ve been struggling to do, well, literally anything else. Sometimes we even think we see characters standing in the distance, waiting for us…

Getting Over Heartbreaking Books

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