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Rank Your Favorite YA Fantasy Books!


Rank Your Favorite YA Fantasy Books!

Alright, be straight with us—we KNOW you have opinions on all those books you’ve read. Whether you’ve been part of the YA fantasy game for years or are new to the hype train, there are so many amazing books, and so many different opinions and perspectives, that we thought it would be fun to get y’all together and truly see which series reigns supreme! That’s right: This is the ultimate ranking for all fantasy books for teens. GET HYPE.
All you have to do is scroll down and upvote your favorites! Seems easy enough, right? We’ll warn you now that there are quite a few, so make sure you make it all the way through! Okay, are you ready? Scroll down and lets see which fantasy book is truly number one!


Fantasy Books for Teens: Ranking time!


What are some of your other faves? Let us know in the comments below!
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