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The 12 Best Bookstagrams Of The Week


The 12 Best Bookstagrams Of The Week

The 12 Best Bookstagrams Of The Week
In honor of the Red Queen Coloring book announcement, this week’s bookstagram post is all about COLOR! Plus, we found ourselves so inspired by all your amazing YA instacolors! We want to give a very big shout out to some of our fave YA inspired bookstagrams this week – y’all are the definition of #flawless 😍📷📚! To be featured here you can #bookstagram, or tag us in your posts (@epicreads) and don’t forget to tag them #epicreads- we’ll be sure to look through each week!
Now without further ado…. The most beauttttifullllll instagrams of the week:


🎉Special Books For Harper’s 200th Birthday

This Is Everything 😍



This Beauty 📚

Holy WOW 😍

Orange You Glad You Laid Eyes On These Bookstagrams

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I can’t lie. I love clever things. The whole flip book idea of “Replica” by Lauren Oliver (@lauren_oliver_books) is intriguing to me. . 💛 So this book kind of works in a couple different ways and I keep getting that same excited feeling I used to get as a kid when I read those choose your own adventure books. . 💛 Replica is a flip book. Meaning one side you read Lyra’s story and then you flip the book over and upside down, and get Gemma’s side. It doesn’t matter which you read first, but you read one side, then the other OR YOU CAN ALTERNATE CHAPTERS. I personally like having the different options and getting to choose how you #readreplica. . 💛 Today I’ve partnered with @epicreads to be #TeamGemma and share a little bit about her story with you guys. . 💛 Gemma is a sickly and lonely teen who has been in and out of hospitals her entire life. When she’s almost abducted, she starts to investigate her family and its connection to a facility that creates human models or “replicas”. Follow her story as she uncovers dark and dangerous secrets that lead her to the “replica” Lyra. . 💛 You can preorder now and on October 4th, you can find out. . 💛 So whose planning on reading Replica and what is your reading strategy? I think I’m going to alternate chapters and see how that works for me. If it feels too complicated, I’ll probably start with Gemma and flip over to Lyra.

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Woah… It’s Like A REPLICA

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As some of you may or may not know, @lauren_oliver_books is coming out with a new book called Replica! I'm so so excited about this, not only because she's one of my favorite authors, but because this is an extremely unique story. I've partnered with @epicreads to be #TeamLyra and tell you a little bit about this special girl. • Lyra is a "replica", a human model locked away in a secret research facility. She escapes with another replica when the institute is attacked, and, while on the run, she meets Gemma, our other narrator. Flip the story over, and you've got Gemma's side of the story. Replica is a "flip book", with two narrating stories interwoven together. You can read one side first and then the other, or you can alternate chapters. It's all up to you! • Pre-order this gorgeous book and tell me how you plan to #ReadReplica! It comes out October 4th 🙂

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